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Revived Homes has a core mission; to deliver sophisticated homes for today's modern living.


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Truth be told, many of us in the construction/real estate/development industry struggle with determining the correct architectural style of homes. To make things easy, we put together ‘eye candy’ of the most popular architectural styles trending today. This has always helped us to properly define a style of home…cheer’s to strengthening your understanding and vocabulary. […]

Knowing Your Architectural Styles

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Revived Homes gets asked frequently on whether we prefer marble or quartz countertops. We’ve always been biased to the aesthetics of natural marble, granite and quartzite surfaces. Quartz simply doesn’t compare in terms of impact, natural veining and overall look. It’s a fabricated, man-made product…While it may be more practical and durable in the kitchen/bathrooms, what you […]

To Marble Or Not to Marble? That Is The Question ….

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We’re at it again friends! Revived Homes will be releasing yet another luxurious, 8,972 sq ft, lakefront French estate @ Reynolds Lake Oconee. We strive to continue and redefine luxury lakefront living at Reynolds and we’re doing so by bringing you classic, timeless design w/ a Parisian flair. Interior of the home will be as […]

The Vision: Armor Point @ Reynolds Lake Oconee

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I’ve noticed from previewing many homes @ Reynolds Lake Oconee and surrounding areas that we’re desparately missing propeties with more upscale and elegant finishes. Exterior/interior design is dated to put it nicely, even with newer builds! So, we’re here to mix things up and provide a fresh design perspective. This spec will have a transitional, […]

The Vision: Tuggle Creek Spec Home @ Reynolds Lake Oconee

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Maybe it’s just me, but new home finishes get me all excited. It’s equivalent to the jewelry someone wears. Finishes are what gives the home style, substance and pizazz. Tip: When remodeling or building a custom home, take your time and pick out the right finishes! They make or break a home. For this Revived […]

The Vision: Neary Ridge Spec Home @ Reynolds Lake Oconee

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Summer better slooowww down, right!? Hope you are all enjoying summer as much as I am. As promised, the Gallery Series by Revived Homes includes a second spec project this year at Reynolds Lake Oconee. This is in the Sandy Ford section of Reynolds (1011 Tuggle Creek), with a beautiful view of the lake and […]

Tuggle Creek Spec Home – Reynolds Lake Oconee

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Friends! Hope you’re well. What have I been up to lately in the beautiful peach state? Well…lots! No pun intended, I’ve purchased two lake access lots with boat slips. These spec homes will be part of the Gallery Series by Revived Homes. The first custom spec I will mention is 1090 Neary Ridge. Located in […]

Neary Ridge Spec Home – Reynolds Lake Oconee

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I frequently get asked if I hire interior designers for my projects. The answer is no. Certainly an interior designer is a lifesaver when you have the budget to support their fantastic services, but not all do. One area I save in is staging properties myself. You might be saying, ‘but I don’t even have that […]

Design 101: How to achieve a designer look on a budget

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